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"We stacked your forecasts up against MeteoTest every day, and your forecasts were always better, more accurate." -  Dr. Jon Kedrowski, Professional Mountaineer, Everest Summiteer

Give your expedition every advantage.  Go with the best.  Meteorologist Chris Tomer has forecast weather for over 50 mountains around the world.  Tomer is a bona-fide, fully-certified meteorologist specializing in mountain weather.  Tomer provides accurate, reliable weather forecasts for mountain climbers and mountain expeditions.  Forecasts are delivered directly to email, cell phones, and satellite uplinks.  Tomer specializes in short-term and long-term weather forecasts for mountain climbers from Colorado, to Mount Rainier, to Denali, to Mount Everest and everything in between.  Tomer provides 24/7 expedition support and can deliver up to 4 forecast updates per day.

Tomer successfully forecasted weather on Mount Everest for the 2012 Summit Climb Expedition with its members reaching the coveted summit in dead-calm wind.  Tomer's accurate forecasts kept the expedition safe while other expeditions were caught in the 2012 Death Storm near the summit - the deadliest storm since the 1996 disaster. 

Tomers' other professional mountain weather forecasting includes: Everest (2012), Gasherbrum I (2013), Gasherbrum II (2013), Nanga Parbat (2014), Denali (2009)(2013), Rainier (2008, 2009, 2010, 2013), Aconcagua (2010, 2014), Pico De Orizaba (2010), California 14ers (on-going), and all 55 of Colorado's Fourteeners (On-going).

Tomer's expertise with mountain weather is unparalleled.  Rates are reasonable and negotiable.  For private consultation: mailto:

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Video: "Meteorologist Chris Tomer: Mountain Meteorology & Sleeping on the Summits"

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